Children and Youth


Session 2016 - 2017

Dear Readers,

You may remember when you were at school fond memories of being part of one of the youth organisiations.

Times have moved on at a pace and we are all very busy people nowadays but our children still need the benefit of being part of the many Youth Organisations that are run here at Orchardhill.

At this time when the new session starts all leaders are raring to go but all Organistaions have the same problem - there are simply not enough leaders to do all that is wanted to be done.

Leaders over the years have had a great time and are not experts at all when they take that first step on the road to help.

It's a privilige to see young people meet every week taking part in activities and growing up into fine young adults.

Please don't read this and think that someone else will take up the challenge the truth is they won't its YOU that needs to do something - either tell someone else that you know will want to help or come along your self.

You can help simply be being an extra pair of eyes and ears or if you can help with crafts or activities so much the better.

You would not be commiting to regular attendance unless you wanted to but if you could in advance let the staff know when you could come that would be great.

Please take a good look around and and please try to help as all groups are in the same position and have wonderful children and young people and little adult supervisors.

If you can help at all please contact the Church Office on 0141 638 3604 and leave your details with the secretary indictating if its The Boys' Brigade or Guides that you would be willing to help at.



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