Who's Who @ Orchardhill


A Church is its people and here are just a few of the people that make our church work.

Rev John Miller

John  is our Interim Moderator 

Contact the Interim Moderator

Gillian Rooney

Gillian is our Probationer Minister

Contact Gillian

Ian Anderson

Ian is the Session Clerk

Contact Ian

George Robertson 

George is the Treasurer

Contact George

Evelyn Borland

Evelyn is the Clerk to the Congregational Board

Contact Evelyn


 Our Church Secretary and administrator.

Contact  the Church Secretary

David Fisher

David is the Church Organist and Choirmaster

Contact David

Garry Crosbie

Garry is our contact for community and outreach

Contact Garry

Lindsay Barr

Lindsay is the leader of CrossWords Praise band

 Contact Lindsay

Isabella Hood
Isabel is the Church Officer


Lorna Buchan
Lorna is our Youth and Families worker

Contact Lorna

Dave Thomson
Web Master

Contact Dave


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