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The Guild




While most of us have been waiting for the summer to arrive, and have waded more through pavement puddles than rippling waves at the seaside, the Guild Secretary has been making endless phone-calls and sending out begging letters to an interesting range of people to visit us at Orchardhill … to inform, inspire or amuse us over the coming winter.

We have a core of loyal members who support each programme.  But one of our real pleasures is to welcome non-member-visitors to any of our meetings they feel interest them.  Incidentally our gentlemen members would welcome other brave visitors to THEIR table.

See forthcoming meetings & subjects listed below or check them out month by month in the intimation sheet or in the Orchardhill Record.



We Meet on alternate Mondays from October to March 2pm in the session room




More information available from the church office 0141 638 3604

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