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Hall Hire Agreement Contract


Please Complete the hire agreement for a hall let. Answer all questions. It is important to read our terms and conditions of hire. Once the Hire Agreement form is completed and digitally signed. You should click submit to the Church Office, Orchardhill Parish Church. This will place a temporary reservation on your hall let until you have paid your fee. Once your booking fee has been received your hall reservation is complete. No contract will exist between you and Orchardhill Parish Church until the Hire Agreement has been digitally signed by you and the Terms and conditions agreed to and appropriate fee received.

You may pay your fee by bank transfer.

General Data Protection Regulation, by contacting us you are agreeing to Giffnock Orchardhill Parish Church storing your information either ellectronically or on paper. Giffnock Orchardhill Parish Church is part of the Church of Scotland and we will not share your information with anyone outside that organisation. For further information regarding how we treat your information please see our privacy document on our website at :- 





With regard to the Agreement between Orchardhill Parish Church and the Hirer in respect of the use of the Premises for the Event (as such terms are defined in the Agreement and laid out in our Terms and Conditions)

the Hirer Confirms:-

(1) that the Hirer has read and fully understands the Agreement; Terms and Conditions

(2) that in so far as Apparatus (as defined in the Agreementand laid out in our Terms and Conditions) is to be brought onto the Premises during the Event, the terms of Clause 14 of the Agreement in our Terms and Conditions will be fully observed and, in particular, there is already in place the required insurance cover stipulated in that Clause;  Please read our Terms and Conditions.

(3) that the Hirer shall indemnify the Church in respect of all loss, damage, actions, proceedings, costs, claims or demands arising from any party of any kind, in terms of Clause 13 of the Agreement, including in respect of the presence or use of such Apparatus on the Premises. as per our Terms and Conditions

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