Current restrictions on meeting together and using the church building go beyond anything experienced in living memory.

As a church community we are committed to obeying the law, contributing to the health of everyone - and supporting our NHS. At the same time, fellowship and togetherness are at the heart of our faith. We aim to combine these apparently contradictory demands by prohibiting use of the church premises for any purposes but providing, instead, on-line opportunities to worship, pray, and chat; by being in regular phone contract and encouraging phone conversations generally, by delivering necessities if needed and by providing resources for prayer. All these are detailed below.

As the Minister, I encourage you to pray in these challenging times for a range of needs which face us as individuals, a community, a nation and a global coalition facing unprecedented difficulties. Be sure, too, that in these days of disruption and uncertainty our faith remains in a God who is unchanging in grace and love, and whose faithfulness lasts for ever.

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Here are resources to help you pray, join with us in prayer, and tell us your needs so that we may pray for you.

Alternative Ministry
Here are our alternatives for worship and care whilst the church building cannot be used.

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