Returning to church


Church services have resumed

This will mean the reinstatement of some, (Bible reader, Prayer leader and Door welcome team/ Usher), but not all rota duties.

 It has been recognised that not everyone will want, or indeed, be able to return to Church now that it has reopened. 

I would therefore be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to complete the form, indicating whether or not you plan on attending LIVE Sunday morning worship or whether you will be happier continuing to watch the online Service for the time being.  This will allow the Church administration team to reorganise the rotas to suit.

In addition, many of you have been asked to read the bible or say a prayer for the online services. The minister is keen for this to continue once we return to live services and we are looking for volunteers to read a prayer online and then repeat it if you are in Church on Sunday mornings. The prayers are determined by you and we believe it will enhance our worship together. The same new procedure will apply to bible readings. You record the reading for the online service and If you are available to be present on Sunday you can read it for the congregation.

In summary please:

  1. Let us know your intentions one way or the other regarding LIVE worship
  2. Consider adding your name to the various  rotas

by completing form

The form will greatly assist all the administrators who are involved in the Welcome / Offering / Bible reading / Prayer rotas.  If, for any reason, you find difficulty in completing the form or would like to email Carol-Anne direct, via the office 


Many thanks for your help.  Take care.


Norma (Hannah)


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Live services start from the 9th August.:*
Yes, Im available for my duties.
No thanks, Im staying online for now and wont therefore be available for duties.
Dont know yet whether I will be Live or Online.
Bible reading Rota:*
Yes I would like to be on the Bible reading rota.
No I would not like to be on the bible reading rota.
Maybe in the future.
Prayer Rota:*
Yes, Please add my name to the prayer rota.
No, Do Not add my name to the prayer rota.
Maybe in the future.
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