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Church Meetings Virtually

A Guide to Zoom for Kirk Session and Congregational Board Members.


Joining Instructions 

For the Meeting held on:

Sunday 26th April After the morning service @ circa 11:30 am   Meeting ID: 929 3480 9999

                                                                                                           password :    Board


For Normal scheduled  Meetings: 

We are useing just one meeting id for a combined Congregational Board and Kirk Session meeting. Elders should join the meeting @7pm


 Downloads for the meeting:-   Question cards     Zoom is a virtual meeting room which enables meetings to be held on a computer screen remotely no matter where everyone, involved in the meeting, is located.

The following instructions will allow you to be a part of the meeting, by showing you step by step the easiest way to Zoom.

1.   For Congregational board meetings it is best to use a laptop or home computer screen. That way you will be able to view everyone present on one or two screens

2.     Open a browser, Chrome, Microsoft edge or Safari etc. and for the

Congregational Board @ 7:00 pm   Meeting ID: 929 3480 9999

Kirk session @ circa 8:15 pm.  Elders are encouraged to join the meeting @7pm

3.       If you haven’t done so already,  Register (FREE) with Zoom.

4.      The meeting organizer will send you a link in an email with the meeting number and the password.         

5.      At the time of the meeting make sure your computer is on and linked to internet.

6.     Once it is time for the meeting you simply click on the link and you will be taken to the meeting straight away. Enter the password if prompted.  Meetings start promptly

7.    You will see this message below.  Normally you should just click “Join with Computer Audio”  (See below)

8.      If you cannot see people, make sure the video is turned on (see video camera on the bottom left hand corner and click on it)

9.    Same with microphone – if people cannot hear you check this is not ‘muted’ However, you will be muted for most of the meeting except when the chairman/ moderator invites you to speak.

Notes for during a meeting.

If you wish to speak the hold up the “I would like to speak bubble.” Likewise if you wish to ask a question then hold up the Question mark and the Chairman/Moderator will unmute you and let you speak. When it comes to a vote hold up either your Yes to agree to the motion or No you don’t agree to the motion cards. By watching on a larger screen you will be able to view the entire vote. If you wish to abstain then you should hold up both the yes and the no cards together. If you are phoning in on the meeting you will be asked for your vote verbally.


Mobile devices (NOT Recommended for Kirk session or Congregational Board Meetings)

1. You can download and open the Zoom app on your tablet or mobile device This is not recommended due to the small screen size.

2. From the email you receive with the meeting details click on the meeting link and join the meeting

3. Click on the “Join with Video” button.

4. If Required enter the meeting password

N.B. If you are not on WiFi then you could be charged by your carrier for the data used to make the connection if you do not have a data package to cover this.

For the next meeting  

Join Zoom Video Meeting   Congregational Board  @7:00pm
Meeting ID: 929 3480 9999

Passcode: as per your email invitation.

Join Zoom Video Meeting Kirk Session @7:00pm


Meeting id : We are useing just one meeting id for a combined congrgational Board and Kirk Session meeting. Elders should join the meeting @7pm


For those wishing to join by Audio only via telephone : Please contact the office for details.


 Downloads for the meeting:-   Question cards


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