Learn to Zoom


Joining a Zoom Meeting (not organizing a meeting see below for that)

Once you are registered (free of charge), there are two main ways, plus a third option which is just by telephone.

  1. Option 1
    1. The meeting organizer will send you a link in an email. 
    2. At the time of the meeting make sure your computer is on and linked to internet.
    3. Once it is time for the meeting you simply click on the link and you will be taken to the meeting straight away.
    4. You will see this message below.  Normally you should just click “Join with Computer Audio”  (See below)
    5. If you cannot see people, make sure the video is turn on (see video camera on the bottom left hand corner and click on it)
    6. Same with microphone – if people cannot hear you check this is not ‘muted’





  1. Option 2 


  1. You open the Zoom app
  2. Click on the “Join” button
  3. and then type in the Zoom number (like a telephone number) and this will take you into the meeting.  See tips in Option 1 above re video and microphone.


  1. Option 3 (sound only) using you normal telephone
    1. The meeting organising will send you a telephone number
    2. You just dial the number and you will join the meeting. 


Arranging Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings can be set up using the functionality in Outlook to either make a call now or arrange one for a specific date & time.





Selecting ‘Schedule a Meeting’ gives you the following options:


For a face to face meeting (video from both the host and participants) from your laptop, please select the options as ticked above.


If you are presenting slides during your call, it would be advisable to join the call yourself at least 10 minutes before the planned start time so you can set up your slides and share your screen.


When you first join the Zoom Meeting you will be presented with the following:



Please select ‘Join with Computer Audio’ to use your laptop, microphone or headset audio.



Ending Your Meeting

Once you have finished your meeting, please select ‘End Meeting’ from the bottom right of the Zoom window.




You will then be presented with the following:




If you are hosting the Zoom Meeting, it is best practice to ensure you select ‘End Meeting for All’ when you leave the meeting, otherwise participants may continue to speak to each other once you have left.

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