Elders in Orchardhill


Elders in Orchardhill

The local practice of eldership is informed by the local congregation’s vision for its immediate future. Following congregation-wide discussion, the Kirk Session with support from Designed to Succeed set this vision which now forms part of the current plan for Orchardhill approved by Presbytery.

Growing and Nurturing Disciples
We will make it possible, through a range of ways, for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore and grow in Christian faith.

Investing in Young People and Families
We will capture and develop the enthusiasm of young people. We hope to see more young people coming around our Church activities, along with their families, to worship and learn about Christ and his teaching.

Vibrant Worship which meets the needs of All
We will offer a range of worship services that meet the needs of members and the wider community, and are well attended by people of all ages.
We will ensure committed believers receive spiritual nourishment which helps them in their daily lives.

A Lively Church Community
We will develop the Church buildings so they become a vibrant community centre, a place to build companionship for a wide variety of people of all ages, somewhere relevant to and valued by the whole community.
We will provide a fully developed café with a range of linked activities, which help people to explore and grow in faith.

Caring for our Community, its Families, and Individuals
We will serve well beyond our building, reaching out to the whole community providing practical care for all people, and effectively providing resources for those with significant needs.
We will focus on offering companionship for older people.

Supporting and Working with our Partners
We will develop serious partnerships which are carefully planned and which effectively achieve significant and helpful impact in our community and beyond.
We will support other churches and organisations with our gifts and abilities.

We are currently trying to establish small groups of enthusiastic people who will dream, plan and drive these areas forward in ways which resonate with the congregation. We are finding more success in some of these areas than in others.

We have made some progress in developing vibrant worship, a lively church community and in caring for our community. Our plan remains to encourage a team to form round each of our current and future projects, maximising the skills and interests of members with overall supervision by the Kirk Session.

We plan to encourage good communication between these groups and the congregation by having each group report in worship services as well as give time after worship over coffee to enable interested members to gather to discuss aspects of the projects which at any time enable us to take our vision forward. This has proved challenging to implement.

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