The Bible: Study


Studying the Bible

Studying the Old Testament

There’s a fairly compelling argument that among mainstream Reformed denominations the Old Testament is less well regarded than it should be, and is less frequently used as the basis for preaching than it ought. This paper describes ways in which the Old Testament may be incorporated in preaching which has a greater focus on the New.

This piece from the Mere Orthodoxy website describes how the Old Testament has in practice been pushed to one side and argues thatit needs to be better understood and used in contemporary biblical preaching.

Introduction to NT literature

This short piece summarises the origins of the New Testament documents. It may be useful as a short aide-memoire or as the basis of a group study on NT origins.

Essential passages?

The E100 programme provides a selection of one hundred key biblical passages together with supporting materials to read, study and preach these. This might be worth considering as a longer-term project to encourage members to engage with the breadth of the biblical text.

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