Christian Learning


An essential part of growing in Christian understanding, belief and practice is that it is done with others. It’s daunting, though, and so we might not get started, or we give up. Whu don’t we support one another, then, to grow in Christian understanding, trust and discipleship?

It’s a bit like a ministry academy, with ‘academy’ in the classical sense that it’s not hugely formal, there aren’t admission fees or processes, there’s little distinction between treachers and pupils – but we do recognise knowledge and experience and seek to grow in understanding and practice.

Using simple multimedia, we can place much of  what we need conveniently at our fingertips. Video is great because we can hear and see, as well as read. Links have th epotential to bring a wealth of learning right to our computer desktops.

What if we talk, write and share what we think, all the while recognising we’re all learning as we go? Through various stages in our process of thinking we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to be cognitively, affectively, socially and spiritually supportive towards each other.

Are you in?

Over time, ther will be a growing collection of materials which help with practical aspects of Christian living and ministry. So far, it’s organised (or at least planned to be put together) as follows:

The Bible: study and preaching

Service creation: enabling praise and worship

Ecclesiology: who we are becoming

Pastoral care: enabling healing and fullness of living

Sector ministry: ages and special interests

Administering its affairs: church practices

Personal growth: following Jesus more wholeheartedly

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