Alternative Ministry


At a time of national concern, churches should be available to every person who needs them. Sadly, current restrictions prevent any use of the church building. We are sorry about this, and instead offer alternative opportunities for worship and continued friendship. 

There is an act of worship each Sunday at 10.30am available on-line through this website's front page. While this is a limited substitute for worshipping together, if we each view the service around that time we can be sure that fellow worshippers are engaged with us. 

We hold a live broadcast of evening prayers every Wednesday at 7pm. You will be able to join this and you can pass on the link, which is accessable from here and will remain the same for all prayer services on Wednesday evenings. You are likely to see (and possibly hear) all the others who join, too. 

If you have any particular prayer requests, or know of situations where prayer would be appropriate, and email we shall include these specific items in the live prayer time on Wednesdays. We'll do so in a way which respects your confidentiality. 

There is a wide, and increasing, range of half-hour online chats covering a wide range of subjects of general interest which you may join using your tablet, phone or computer. You're welcome to any of these spaces simply as a way of having conversation together. Details of all these are on the Meeting Virtually page which you can access from the top menu.

All elders have been asked to be in phone contact with members in their districts, and the frequency of these contacts will vary according to need.

The Minister, and others, are endeavouring to be in regular phone contact with more senior members who are living alone as an additional token of friendship and concern. If you would simply like to have a chat with someone, we encourage you to phone them. In these days, such contact is more likely to be welcomed than regarded as a nuisance.

If you would like to speak to the Minister, feel free to phone whenever you wish on 07506 549529. In the unlikely event that he is busy, he will be pleased to phone you back.

If you find difficulty in obtaining provisions because of movement restrictions, please contact the Church Office on 0141 638 3604 or, or the Minister on 07506 549 529. We shall work to obtain necessities and deliver these to your front door. 

Clearly it is not possible to arrange baptismal or wedding services in the near future, though the Minister is available to discuss longer-term plans. Funerals shall not be permitted in the church building but the Minister will work with families to ensure that due opportunity is still given to offer thanks for lives lived which have ended, and to seek God's peace in sorrow and grief.


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